Backflow Certification and Training Programs

Backflow Services, Inc., is a leading provider of exceptional backflow services backed by nationally certified instructors approved by the DPOR. We offer a variety of educational programs throughout the year designed to align with your specific needs, whether on-site or remotely.

As a Virginia DPOR-approved educational provider, we specialize in 40-hour backflow tester certification training and backflow preventer installation classes.

Maryland Backflow Tester Certification

Attention to all testers operating in Maryland, we are a WSSC-approved instructor offering a 40-hour tester course along with re-certification classes. We also provide a comprehensive range of classes, including re-certification/refresher courses, troubleshooting and repair classes, and an introduction to cross-connection control and backflow prevention.

Backflow Services, Inc.

Promoting Water Safety & Awareness

Furthermore, we host safe drinking water seminars and public educational awareness programs to promote understanding, prevention, and resolution of backflow issues. Trust Backflow Services, Inc., for top-tier backflow testing, inspection, certification, and repair services.