Your Water Supply

At Backflow Services, Inc., our backflow services ensure that your water supply remains safe and uncontaminated. We specialize in water purveyors, offering expert solutions to safeguard your water system. Trust us for reliable backflow prevention and maintenance.

Backflow Services, Inc.

Backflow Services for Residential and Commercial Customers

Experience the convenience of our 24/7 customer service. We offer comprehensive backflow testing, repair/maintenance, and inspections. Leave the paperwork to us, as we ensure your compliance with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Water Works Regulation 12VAC5-590-600(E).

You can trust Backflow Services, Inc. to test your assemblies annually or, upon request, during normal business hours. If your assembly meets the minimum operating standards, we'll complete and submit the report to the water authority for you. You will receive a copy of the report along with an invoice, payable directly from your email. Should your backflow preventer fail the test or not be in compliance with the current code, we will notify you and provide an estimate for the necessary repairs or replacement.

Pricing and Service Terms

Our pricing for the upcoming season starts at our base rate. Any additional charges for out-of-service irrigation systems, inaccessible backflow preventers, and other circumstances will be communicated upfront. Please feel free to ask any questions about our services. Once you submit the backflow test request form, you may be scheduled for service. We appreciate your understanding and agreement with these terms.

Services for Water Purveyors

We understand managing a cross-connection control program can be challenging, which is why Backflow Services, Inc. is here to assist you. We offer program management, survey/inspection, and emergency response training. Our qualified personnel can support any purveyor or water utility department with inspections, surveys, testing, and cross-connection control program management to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Partner with us today for the protection of your water distribution system.


Training & Services

Additionally, we provide necessary training for office personnel, inspectors, technicians, testers, construction managers, and other employees involved with the water distribution system. We cater to plumbing, irrigation, fire, and utility organizations, both private and public.

Contact us at (804) 366-2094 today to discuss how we can assist you with your cross-connection control/backflow needs and help protect your water supply.

Backflow Services, Inc.